You’ve reached my Playground page.
Here, you will find some archived projects, experiments, and non-design work. logo
Frankenfont project. From Type 1 with Nancy Skolos @ RISD
Fall 2023 edition of Volume 1, designed
with Ollantay Avila
“Rope”, a wheat-paste mural project with Ilia Kuchuk
Poster for the release of NYUAD Design Journal
A birthday card illustration for my former colleague Antoine @ Work-Order
Business cards for PIEONAIR
An earlier version of Designed wtih Van Anh Bui
NYUAD Design Journal, designed with Pauline Wee
Custom typeface for PIEONAIR, my friend’s startup
Printed some specimens of Rodion.
A colective type specimen book, designed and printed with Selina Kehuan Wu, for Type Design @ RISD
Unilingua: Coded with Meaning is my undergrad thesis project that is an experiment in inventing a pictographic language
The tabling poster for the Design Collective at NYUAD
A critical review of Yale School of Art’s iconic website. Class project for Grad Seminar 1 @ RISD.
“Landscript”, a part of my undergrad thesis, Unilingua: Coded with Meaning
An uncanny 3D triptich made for the Emerging Media Studio Course @ NYU Tisch
2 Designers Timeline, a project for History of Graphic Design @ RISD
“Solaris”, a 3D animation film done @ NYU Tisch
A very old acrylics self-portrait
Hand-coded portfolio site from freshman year. It’s cringe but nostalgic.
“Cell”, a 3D animation film made for the Emerging Media Studio course @ Tisch. “Cell” talks about my experience during Covid-19.

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