About me
I am a graphic designer from China, currently living in the States and pursuing a Graphic Design MFA at Rhode Island School of Design. My work spans across a number of fields, including Branding, Editorial Design, UI/UX Design, and occasionally Type Design.

Right now, my design practice is focused on two directions:

Designing identities and digital products with a focus on strategy and growth.
Pushing my boundaries as a designer @ RISD through thinking, making, and experimenting.

I hope to create strong work that inspires and adds value to people’s lives.
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Apple Inc.
Marcom Design Intern | May 2024—Present

Volume 1
Graphic Designer | November 2023—May 2024

Design Lead | May—August 2023

Design Intern | May—August 2022

Brand Design Intern | January—March 2022

NYUAD Art and Art History Program
Designer | 2020–2022

Rhode Island School of Design | 2023–2026
Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

New York University Abu Dhabi | 2019–2023
Bachelor of Art in Visual Arts

More about me:
I am trilingual in English, Chinese, and Russian. After living in UAE for 4 years, I am also proud to add Arabic to my list – but at a very beginner level. 

Outside of work, I am constantly experimenting and improvising home-cooked meals, oftentimes a dubious fusion of Russian and Chinese cuisine. In my free time, I love nurturing my inner child by watching anime and cartoons – something that is disconnected from the reality but inspires me to live more passionately and freely. To take my mind off work, I sometimes travel to get absorbed in breathtaking landscapes and cultures. 

Some FAQ:
Wow! You speak so many languages. How is that like?

Quite fun! I’m a little different in each language. Slightly formal in English, a bit sarcastic and merciless in Russian, and generally respectful in Chinese (since I mainly speak with my parents). If you ask in which language I dream, I’d have to say that it depends on what media I’ve been absorbing that day. People also have asked me in which language I think – that depends on which country I live in. Currently I mostly think in English.

What was growing up in Russia like?

I lived in Moscow, which is a different from the rest of Russia. A city of 14 million people, it is home to some of the best museums, galleries and architecture. There’re a lot of parks, where you can often find people walking their dogs and reading. I went to a great public high school with a focus on Russian Literature and History, where I met had the privilege to study with some of the brightest minds in the country. I think I am fortunate to be exposed to the best aspects of Russian culture. 

How are you like as a person?

I’m an introvert. But I open up easily and prefer to be honest and helpful to my friends and coworkers. Sometimes I’m too rational but I am working on being more emotionally aware of myself and others.

Out of all the countries you’ve lived in, where do you like the most?

I consider myself a global citizen and don’t like tying myself to a specific place. My favorite place is where my friends are at – which is from all over the world. But if it’s about a place I visited, I’d have to say Peru! I loved stargazing on a boat ride in Puerto Maldonaldo where I saw the most beautiful night sky, untouched by light pollution. I also loved the cloudy mountains in Machu Picchu – I can only imagine what it was living there a few centuries ago. 

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