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I am a graphic designer from China, currently living in the States. My work spans across a number of fields, including Branding, Editorial Design, UI/UX Design, and Type Design. 

【ICP William Klein: YES】
Promoting the solo exhibition of American photographer William Klein at International Center of Photography (ICP). 

Marketing campaign, Brand Identity
Designed during internship at Work-Order (NYC)
Creative direction: Keira Alexandra, Romain Brunet

【HAUS】 *case study coming soon*
Conceptualizing a club for creatives passionate about design and house music. 

Brand Identity
Creative direction: Bryce Carson

【Rodion】 *case study coming soon*
Finding a balance between calligraphy and sharpness. Rodion Text is a serif text face inspired by Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment.

Typeface design

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Unilingua: an Introduction is the thesis booklet for this project. Download it here.
Example sentences written using Unilingua.
Project webiste, where you can type using Unilingua.
A selection of hieroglyphs.
Haiku 1, part of Unilingua: Coded With Meaning.
Haiku 2, part of Unilingua: Coded With Meaning.
When does a language become a pattern?
Full set of hieroglyphs.
Process images and research.

【Unilingua: Coded With Meaning】
*case study coming soon*

Unilingua is an experimental visual language and dingbat typeface inspired by ancient proto-writing systems and modern constructed languages. A set of 120 hieroglyphs conveying essential meanings for everyday life. Unilingua adopts and builds upon the grammar structure of Blissymbols by Charles Bliss and Toki Pona by Sonja Lang.

Undergraduate thesis project

【Alumni Lab】 *case study coming soon*
Helping ambitious business students get into their dream institutions.

Brand Identity, Web Design

Imagining a brand identity concept for a museum of brutalist art and architecture.

Brand Identity

【Next Up On Stage: Juilliard 2022–23 Performances】

Promoting The Juilliard School’s student performances in music, dance, and drama for the 2022–23 season. 

Publication (concept)
Designed during internship at Work-Order (NYC)
Role: designed the cover and the color coding system for At-a-glance spreads
Creative direction: Keira Alexandra, Antoine Maroun


Helping people find meaningful relationships through shared connections on social media.

Mobile app
Role: designed the brand identity, UI/UX, and website.

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